Mobile Application

Modular (patent pending) EHallPass is a browser based system that manages entry cards. With this new system teachers can manage them from the dashboard. They no longer need to worry about tracking passes manually.


EHallPass is a cloud-based contactless pass system to keep children safer during school. It includes social distancing tools with features that help reduce misconduct, incidents and harm. The smart pass can be used with your mobile phone at or the EHallPass App. On this page we will discuss in detail the mobile app for EHallPass.

EHallPass App for Mobile Phones

More and more people are looking for smartphones in order to access business transactions. The Google Play Store is full of apps from industries like banking, stocks, insurance, education, e-commerce, software, IT and more.

Eduspire Solutions works to connect all learning. We offer educational services for students, teachers, district administrators and parents/guardians. No matter what device you use we have the perfect learning solution for you. Our service is available on computers, laptops, smartphones, large-screen LCDs and tablets.

Eduspire Solutions presents the mobile app for EHallPass known as the EHallPass App available to any smartphone, iPad or a tablet user. The app can be found on both Android and Apple versions of your smartphone, iPad and tablet. On 16th May 2019 Eduspire Solutions LLC launched the EHallPass App.


You can download and install The EHallPass App from the Google Play Store. All you will need is to have a good internet connection and free storage space on your smartphone’s memory card if you are interested in some of its features. Here’s what EHall pass has to offer:

  • You will always know who’s in the lobby if you get rid of paper identifications.
  • Reduce interruptions for teachers and encourage students to manage their time.
  • Each student creates an app on their device.
  • This pass offers digital restroom passes, restricted passes, appointment scheduling (with email and text reminders) and no teacher intervention.
  • With the help of a passage control panel it is possible to monitor who entered a room and for how long, thereby increasing security and facilitating responsibility.