Are you an educator looking for an online digital pass? Does your school want to favor a face-to-face pedagogical model over increasing its digital learning options? In the past year schools that were hybrid and personal have started to reconsider the challenges these models posed. This year teachers face a number of challenges, including fostering supportive communities for students and providing academic content. Keeping students and staff safe presents logistical challenges.


E-hall pass (EHP) makes it easier for schools to track student data and give them notifications about what’s happening on campus. The next time a teacher does not have time to keep up with all the day to day activities of a class. They can get notified from their personal device or cover by setting up an audio or video call meeting instead.

Features of EHall Pass

EHall Pass features are as follows:-

Data Privacy: The software used by Eduspire Solution is FERPA ready and developed by a company that is a member of the Student Data Privacy Consortium (SDPC). You can protect your information from unauthorized access or use that could result in the disclosure, destruction or corruption of that information with the help of EHallPass.

 PIN Auto Authentication: With the electronic hall pass Auto Check in PIN feature an administrator or staff member can set up a room specific check in PIN that students can use during designated hours. Check-in “check -in”. Clean \ clean. To verify their location students must enter a check-in PIN that is unique to their room into their ePassport (EHP). All other permission and PIN entry points will continue to function in the same manner.

 Inventory Limits: An administrator can set a cap on the available badges for students using the Inventory Limits feature. You can utilise EHallPass to see data for the whole school for a specific grade or for an individual student (individually or by uploading a CSV list of students). The maximum number of tickets available for the chosen calendar range or specific date is shown. Admin can also set daily, weekly or monthly reset limits.