The benefits of EHall Pass is an alternative to the paper passport. It allows you to create a digital ID card when needed and your teacher can enter or click a pin on the site to activate it. Please note that this sentence rewrite tool does not automatically change all sentences into one clean string of words.


The EHall Pass is proven to be very beneficial to students. Teachers can easily see who’s near them in case of a dangerous emergency. Once approved they will receive automated notifications so they can find which students are away from the classroom and which ones remain.

Benefits of E Hall Pass

The benefits of the EHallPass presented by Eduspire Solutions are listed below:

 Supports Social Distancing During the Pandemic

Adhering to social distancing protocols is easy with these intuitive features.

  • Pass Hall withTouchless Technology: This touchless system prevents the transmission of germs from person to person.
  • Contact Information Tracking: This makes it easy to report who had the same passport as Student X at any given time

Ensures Safety at Work

When you have access to real-time data and full transparency. It is simple to pinpoint and address any security gaps in your building.

  • Teachers and administrators have access to an easy to use live dashboard with pass details.
  • Don’t assume a student has a passport instead check regularly.
  • Runner pass data is easily accessible anytime anywhere. Problems can thereby be dealt with more quickly if necessary.

 Provides Appointment Cards

You may arrange passes for all of your students from any device ask each of your teachers for a pass (they will have to authorize it) and get reminders just before your appointments.

 Any professor can schedule a leave of absence from their computer or mobile device.

Get a permission slip from your instructor for students (requires teacher approval).

Fight Vapingand Vandalism

  • You can prevent specific students from gathering in hallways bathrooms, hallways and patios, reducing vaping and vandalism with location controls.
  • Using EHallPass can increase your responsibility for salon traffic and avoid crowds