Since schools began giving students a paper pass from one place to another may have mostly stayed the same. Since laminating machines were invented this process has become more durable using this method. Students will be less likely to misuse other types of passes.


Content reuse has a significant trend. While many quickly praise the practice some digital privacy advocates are wary of this process. They are concerned about oppressive school environments stemming from disagreements about data mining. Some schools have adopted electronic ticketing systems to minimize this problem. One of the features that should be considered is. It helps schools manage and monitor student activity. This will help tackle some of the issues brought on by social media like vandalism caused by TikTok videos going viral. The school founded by a former teacher for 20 years uses the Eduspire software system to track students


He aims to increase equity within the school rather than identify subject-specific students. To encourage children to become self-directed learners in a secure and positive setting. The company partners with families and the community.


Guide to EHallPass Login

Students can use EHallPass registration to make a digital classroom through their respective schools. If a school is registered with EHallPass. The students will have a username and password for the site. EHallPass is accessible via the official website ( Google Smart and Office 365 once logged in.

How to log in to the EHallPass website:

When prompted visit our Home Page and then place your school Credentials. Upon doing so click the “Login” button to log in.


Conditions: Login for Google: For example the following steps should be accomplished to Log in EhallPass

  1. Go to:
  2. Once you’ve landed on our homepage click the “Log in with Google” button (next to your account) to log in with your Google account for Google E-HallPass Login.
  3. Enter your Gmail username and password for logging in to the EHallPass Google login page.
  4. You will now be logged in to our website (
  5. Each time you hit log out on any page of this site. You will be asked to re-enter your login credentials. So please do not close the tab or browser window until you get an email response from us telling you this is successful. Otherwise we can only validate it has been logged out from some pages.

Following these directions will allow you to access EHallPass Clever: Using EHallPass Clever’s login features is a simplicity. Here’s what you will need to do.

  1. To sign up for EHallPass, go to their website.
  2. Simply go to the website and then click “Connect with Clever.”
  3. The next step is to visit EHallPass, and then enter your school’s name to sign in.
  4. Another option is to scan your face using the webcam or camera app on your smartphone. Then enter your username and password from EHallPass to log in.
  5. Parents and guardians can use their intelligent account username and password to log into EHallPass Clever. After that they need to click Connect so they are all set.

How do I log in to EHallPass Office 365?

  1. Log into the website.
  2.  You will see the username and password fields on the site and a button labeled Sign in with Office 365.
  3. Type in your login credentials.
  4. In order to access your account you must first log in.
  5. That’s all there is to it.

Reset Your Password for EHall Pass Login

If you forget your EHall Pass username and password follow these steps: –

  1. To sign up for EHallPass go to their website.
  2. Click on “I forgot my password” on their sites homepage.
  3. Enter your email address provided by the school.
  4. You will be able to reset your EHall Pass Login password by continuing to the next page and completing the remaining procedures.

Instructions for Creating an Account, Creating Passes, and Adding Favorites

(1) Complete Profile: Follow these instructions to finish setting up your EhallPass account profile:

  1. Enter your username and password to use the web app and click Login.
  2. On the login screen select My Profile from the first menu item.
  3. To access your profile, click on My Profile from the next screen.
  4. Once your profile is loaded you will be prompted to create a PIN for the ID card approval field. The PIN should be between 4-6 characters, letters or numbers (or both) without spaces or special characters.
  5. After generating a PIN you will have the option of adding a profile picture..
  6. In this file field you will need to input a URL of an image hosted outside of EHallPass. When you are done click “Save Profile” at the bottom of the page.

(2) (How To Setup A Pass And Set Up Favorites?)

Here’s how to create a pass and thus save your favorites:

  1. To sign up for EHallPass go to their website
  2. Use your Google Office 365, Clever, Classlink or GG4L account to sign in.
  3. Once logged in you will be taken to the profile panel with the menu “Create a passport.”
  4. Enter the location you want to go within and click “Create a Pass.” Save it.
  5. To configure your favorite locations or teachers click the arrow until you get to the dropdown for Add up to 5 favorites and then follow the steps below.
  6. Please search for a location from their dropdown list or search box.
  7. Click on the edit icon to update your bookmarks and change them around.
  8. When finished save it.

The Benefits of Using EHallPass

The following are the benefits of using EHall Pass:

  • Support for Social Distance: One of our goals is to make sure that the interface is intuitive and can be used for the safety of yourself or your loved ones.
  • With contactless passes: You no longer have to risk spreading germs.
  • Numbers of passes per student: One of the most common challenges at schools is students who skip class. With this feature you can limit passes to a certain location or go even further by limiting passes to a single building. This means that once a student has completed their allotted number of passes. They will have had to take two classes for there to be an opportunity for them to leave.
  • Idling Security: Complete openness and real-time information are provided by this product allowing for the prompt detection and resolution of security issues.
  • Live Dashboards: Each student’s progress can be monitored in real-time on our live dashboard which is accessible to school officials and classroom teachers.
  • Information necessary to address and resolve problems promptly is at your fingertips with Streaming Data.
  • Add more time to each class: Electronic passes had reduced the number of pass-related issues in schools. For example many students need to start using their physical student IDs during class time. Which is good because they can’t use them to access school computers.

Features of EHall Pass

On top of quickly checking in students EHall Pass offers the following features:

  • Device limits: It is possible to restrict a credential’s use to a specific number of devices. A single administrator can manage five distinct device types (iOS, Android, Windows).
  • Flexible Locations: Students do not need to carry around a device when on the go. Even without asking for a phone each badge monitor has access to all badges without having to ask first.
  • Data Privacy: The digital pass is used for tracking time spent in bathrooms or classrooms and stores past visits with no GPS or tracking required.

Call the Eduspire Product Help Desk!

A customer service center Eduspire Solutions handles questions and complaints about Eduspire products such as EhallPass and Flextime Manager. To contact Eduspire Solutions customer service department call us toll free at (888) 401-2011. You may also reach out to us by completing our online contact form and clicking Submit. We usually get back to people within a couple of hours. If you should like to talk to someone immediately please get in touch with our customer service managers by calling (888) 401-2011. Our mailing address is.

Eduspire Solutions

PO Box 2012

Southeastern PA 19399

Toll-Free Number (888) 401-2011

Official SiteEHallPass
CountryUnited States Of America
Managed ByEduspire Solutions
Portal TypeLogin

EHallPass App for Mobile

All students teachers district administrators and parents guardians will be able to access the EHallPass thanks to Eduspire Solutions. This app makes it easy for you to receive a pass for an educational service on demand. It also allows for unlimited transactions so you can easily buy return products sell return products pay or receive payments talk with potential employers or find a job. You will love the convenience and Security of this 24-7 access.


Eduspire Solutions LLC launched the e hall pass app on May 16, 2019. The Google Play Store provides access to download it. District administrators parents teacher and guardians can download this app’s Android and Apple versions. For more details about what this app does continue to read below:

  • Track the people in the hallways with the help of electronic ID cards instead of paper ID cards.
  • This gives students more freedom with their time and allows teachers to focus on the needs of their classes. (A win-win for all).
  • The ability for students to make requests via their own devices is a huge time saver.
  • Maintaining a high standard of quality safety and accountability in your classroom is easier with the Pass Panel. Which keeps track of how long each person spends in the corridor. (A win-win).
  • It can helps that students can hand off their “hall pass” to meet up with their appropriate teacher during class hours or between class periods rather than having to fill out a form or speak with each teacher separately.
  • Lastly with this system you will be able to notify students’ parents or guardians when they have completed certain tasks or activities well send those post activity notifications like when course grades are available for viewing.

About Eduspire Solutions

Eduspire Solutions is a company that offers school management programs for online schools and educational software for K-12 schools. Schools using 1:1 technology can use EduspireSloutions Systems to simplify scheduling flexible time management activity tracking etc. Throughout their impressive 200+ year existence. They have hosted 300 academic conferences and amassed a user base of over 1.5 million across the country. Their offerings include EHall Pass and FlexTime Manager.

The former Flextime Manager facilitates peer tutoring accelerated learning, and extracurricular activities. At the same time the EHall Pass is the cloud based contactless pass system that helps restrict prank activity and vandalism. At school with features like social distancing measures. The mission of Eduspire Solutions is to equip teachers with the tools they need to use cutting edge technology to revolutionize learning. 


Designers developed our online and mobile apps for teachers to streamline administrative tasks and better organize student schedules. Make it easier for staff to manage things like availability presence remediation etc. In a voice and choice enabled setting.

Questions and Answers (FAQs)

From where else can You Understand about Northwood’s E-Hall Pass?

Faculty members and Peers On Tuesday September 10 there will be a special GLAD meeting. Back to School Night will be on September 19 and the Parent Teacher Student Association will hold their meeting on September 17.

 What are the Pros Electronic Room Ticket System?

The Northwood group observed the E-Hall Pass in action at another Maryland institution and spoke with teachers and students about their experiences with it. Due to the option to make ID cards increase responsibility and “skip the date” during GLAD or counseling sessions to attend enrichment and refresher classes.

 What Kind of Private Information Is Collected for the E-Hall Pass?

Names and Google account associated with students MCPS email addresses are used for the electronic hall pass. For more information on how they handle user data please visit According to its policy E-hall respects students privacy and abides by FERPA and the COPPA. Students information stored on ID cards is temporary.


In today’s high-tech or digital age technology has made it possible for many societal tasks to be completed electronically. The digital e-hall pass is useful for the administration the students and the teachers. Aside from strengthening school security the system also makes administrative tasks easier. Professors can check their account dashboards to verify their credentials and view reports. Using EHallPass students can apply and become applicable for Chromebook IDs.

Our company’s educational branch Eduspire Solution has developed the E-Hall Pass to encourage students to minimize their absences from class. The system’s objective is to raise the level of responsibility among educators and to increase. The Security of the school’s students. A single annual purchase is permitted for each student.

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