Eduspire offers a wide variety of courses covering the latest technology in order to educate teachers on how they can best use it in their classrooms. Eduspire is a provider of continuing education courses for graduate teachers offering over fifty 3-point courses. We offer multiple methods of course delivery including online or face to face learning and some that include a device with your course selection.


Eduspire Solutions has created a new tool that will make your life easier. Submit your service requests, support and instructions, report bugs or suggest new features through the support portal. If you have any questions at all about their content creation software for schools, email or call the project manager directly instead of contacting them.

The experts at Education Spire Solutions create various digital resources and mobile apps for classroom use. These tools are manufactured to eliminate common problems that can arise from organizing student activities, time management, activity scheduling, pass management and school security in schools with a 1:1 technology or BYOD program.


Eduspire Solutions offers a variety of continuing education courses for teachers in order to help transform the teaching profession. They offer transformative classes designed to inspire teachers by utilizing the practical integration of contemporary technology into classrooms. With over 50 advanced classes they aim to provide educators with a way to engage students more. Eduspire Solutions has smart ideas to make education easier. Eduspire innovative technology integrates into K-12 classrooms.

Are you looking for a way to revolutionize your class room management? The EHP app is a useful software solution that might be perfect for you. This tool is meant to aid in the advancement of school safety and accountability. The advantages include simple ticket making, fast time tracking, live traffic statistics and sophisticated functionality for keeping tabs on your students. The identification data for the smart visualizations are captured by its state of the art dynamic dashboard allowing you to see everything clearly in the classroom.

Eduspire Solutions launched its EHall Pass product’s mobile app on May 16, 2019. The application for the product is known as the EHall Pass app. Users of Android devices can get it from the Google Play Store and iOS users can get it from the App Store.