Rather than each student having a pass the e-hall pass system is an efficient way for administrators to keep track of them and regulate the number of people leaving class. School administrators seem generally pleased with this new technology and feel confident. It will help with social distancing and contact tracing eliminate expensive pass systems and to improve overall safety.


The program called EHallPass allows students to request an exit pass from their teacher via the computer approved by the teacher. Their respective schools enroll students in this digital classroom for a secure and protected learning environment.

Eduspire Solutions introduces EHall Pass to transform multiple schools into intelligent schools by providing students with a digital classroom website.

How to Login For EHall Pass At www.e-hallpass.com?

To login click on the Register link at www.e-hallpass.com or you can also login through Google, Clever and ClassLink Office 365 or GG4L. Follow these steps to log in:

(A) Login through EHallPass Website: To access the EHallPass website.

  • To sign up for EHallPass go to their website.
  • Type in your login credentials.
  • For security purposes we recommend using a trusted digital or hardware wallet for logins.

(B) Login Using Classlink:

The following steps should be accomplished to Log In EhallPass:

  • Visit the EHallPass website (www.e-hallpass.com).
  • When you visit EHallPass site you will be taken to their login page.
  • On this login page look for the “Login with Classlink” link on the right hand side of the screen Click through it.
  • Once you’ve completed this step go back to their main sign-in page and enter your name and email address exactly as they present it. Then click on the red “LOG IN HERE” button next to Username and Password at the top of that same screen.

(C) Login Using GG4L:

  • To sign up for EHallPass go to their website.
  • Then EhallPass login page will appear.
  • Once you have logged in click on “Login with GG4L” for either a student or a teacher or to be a parent or legal guardian.

Teacher or Student:

  • For Teacher or Student enter your school name with “Find your school.”
  • Then enter your username and password. In the end click on “Log In.” 

Parents or Guardians:

    • If parents or legal guardians of students with GG4L would like to log in for the EhallPass, click on “Parent Sign In.”
    • Fill out your username and password then click “Login.”

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